Gettysburg : Turning The Tide

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Robert Harmon, Jr.
American History to 1877 (HIST101)
American Military University
Dr. Kelly McMichael

One of the most epic battles of the Civil War occurred at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in July of 1863. This battle was arguably the turning point of the war for the Union Army and signaled the beginning of the end for the Confederate Army. Over the course of what follows, the events leading up to the battle, an overview of the battle, and subsequent results of the battle will be examined.
By the end of June 1863, Lee’s army was in high spirits and in need of supplies after the battle of Chancellorsville . To achieve multiple objectives, Lee decided to move his army north into Pennsylvania (Gettysburg Facts & Resources, 2014). Lee targeted the area outside of Gettysburg because it had an abundance of tanneries, which could provide his army with much needed footwear, and the area also had an abundance of other resources. Strategically, Lee also felt that attacking and winning a major battle in the north would increase the morale of his troops, deal a harsh blow to the morale of northerners, and present an opportunity to obtain supplies (Gettysburg Facts & Resources, 2014).
As General Robert E. Lee lead the Army of Northern Virginia into Pennsylvania, General Joseph Hooker began moving the Army of the Potomac across Maryland and into Pennsylvania in order to engage Lee, protect Washington, and attempt to repel
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