Gettysburg University Personal Statement

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I hope to be granted and pursue the Education Studies Minor here at Gettysburg College for a handful of reason. Currently, I am a Political Studies major with a concentration in comparative politics and International Relations. While I not only enjoy the Political Science field, I have always had the rooted interest in the education field for many years now. Dating back to senior year of High School, one of the courses I took was a course called “Teachers for Tomorrow” which touched upon the basics of becoming a teaching both in a lecture and in classroom setting. Part of the course was a weekly visit to a local public elementary school in which I was able to work alongside a second grade teacher as her “teacher assistant”. I not only enjoyed this experience with the elementary students, but the class as a whole as well. Additionally, this past summer, I spend four weeks overseas at Arlington Academy of Hope, an elementary school located in the village of Bududa, in eastern Uganda. While at Arlington Academy of Hope, I worked alongside current Arlington County teachers as well as current Arlington County Principles, teaching these elementary students basic math and English, while also visiting satellite schools in the greater Bududa region. I was not only the youngest member of this trip by more than 20 …show more content…

My grandmother spent more than twenty years teaching elementary school in Long Island as well as two cousins and three of my aunts all currently teach or spent the large majority of their professional careers teaching in some facet in the educational field over the course of their careers. So for my specifically, I have grown up in an environment that not has a big emphasis on the greater teaching of higher education.
I hope this brier statement helps explain my interest in pursuing the Education Studies Minor here at Gettysburg

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