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1) Describe briefly the relashonship between Tito and Bimbo. In what way was Tito "almost like a dog" and Bimbo "almost like a boy"? (2) While noone had the slightest idea of where this young boy came from, how old he was or even who his parents were, they had remembered seeing Bimbo right at his side. Bimbo was Tito's everything; he was his nurse, his mother, his pillow and his father. I think Bimbo acted more like a boy because he would always bring the food home, and although it had become a regular thing for them, I feel like Bimbo was more in control that Tito. Tito, on the other hand, never got the food, or even looked for it. He acts more like dogs, as if theres always going to be food on a silver platter and he just has to wait.…show more content…
He was starting to make his ways towards the inner gate when Bimbo started biting his clothes. Tito suddenley realized he was urging him towards the sea gate, as it was safe there. He leaded Tito around the open pits and pools of bubbling mud, and when Tito got to the sea gate he noticed Bimbo was missing. 5) Although this is not a happy story, it is not a tragic one. What do we find out at the end of the story trhat gives us a warm feeling? What do you think Untermeyer is trying to say about human nature? (2) In the midst of everything that was going on in that particular moment in time, all that was on Bimbo's thoughts were Tito. I think he had noticed him going alittle pale and not keeping his balance so he went to the bakery to get him some cake. Untermeyer was trying to show just in general how much an animal or a human would do to protect someone they truly love. In the end Bimbo died, and although he was a smart enough dog to know he wouldve, he loved Tito and he sacrificed his life to protect and help

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