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Cambridge TECHNICALS OCR LEVEL 3 CAMBRIDGE TECHNICAL CERTIFICATE/DIPLOMA IN IT BUSINESS RESOURCES D/502/5409 LEVEL 3 UNIT 30 GUIDED LEARNING HOURS: 60 UNIT CREDIT VALUE: 10 BUSINESS RESOURCES D/502/5409 LEVEL 3 UNIT 30 PURPOSE OF THE UNIT The unit looks at how a range of resources including human, physical, technological and financial resources are used and managed within business. This unit will help the learner to have an understanding of how human resources are managed and of the employability and personal skills required of personnel in an organisation. Learners will gain an understanding of the purpose of managing resources effectively, not only in relation to human resources but also in terms of physical and…show more content…
original designs • software licences • patents and copyrights. 4 Business Resources Level 3 Unit 30 DELIVERY GUIDANCE Learning Outcome 1 Learners could be asked to use a job advertisement for an organisation with which they are already familiar, such as through part-time employment, work experience or as a customer. They could then work in small groups to identify all of the stages involved in the process prior to issuing the job advertisement, as well as a list of the stages involved after the job has been advertised. This could be followed up with research and the collection of various examples of recruitment documents. Learners could then use these to create a set of documents which could be used by the organisation advertising the job. A great deal of information is likely to be available on the organisation’s website, but it would be helpful if a visit from someone who works in a Human Resources department could be arranged. Learners could select a job advertisement that interests them, and undertake research into the skills that are required for the chosen role. This would provide an opportunity for learners to find out more about a role that they have an interest in, and allow them to compare their skills with those required by the job role they have chosen. It would

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