Gh399 Week 1 Reflection Journal

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I am a heavy consumer of data and a Vodafone customer. In the past, I purchased 200GB of Vodafone data for GH¢399.00 for my modem. On January 16, 2016, I received an SMS from Vodafone to renew my bundle, thus, I went through the usual motions to bundle. Usually, I would select, the option of GH¢ 399.00 for 200GB. On this specific day however, I had only two options the maximum of GH¢250.00 for 20GB and another option. Yes, please take a moment and digest, last month GH¢399.00 for 200 GB, this month GH¢250.00 for 20GB. I was dumbfounded in that, the change in price was too steep and moreover, I had no knowledge of recent change. Straightway, I called customer care and a charming young woman named Angelica told me the company no longer offered my preferred bundle. She said the maximum I can now receive is 20GB at GH¢250.00. I told her I needed a refund since my preferred product had been discontinued. She indicated that refund was out of the question since I had already loaded the credit. Instantly, I understood that as a customer care agent, Angelica could not assist me further.…show more content…
When I asked for a name, she responded that she doesn't have a name but a staff member will assist me at the head office. I asked if the call was recorded, and she answered in the affirmative. After that, I requested for a reference number for the complaint and she apprised me to use her name, the date and time of the call. At the end of the phone call, I felt disappointed and dissatisfied with Vodafone and the worse was realizing that, I could not work from home during the
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