Ghan A Country Of Many Firsts

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Ghana Ghana is a country of many firsts: the first to win a medal in the Olympics for football, first to be a sub- saharan country, and first to use seashells as money. Ghana is a West African country that boarders the Gulf of Guinea, Cote d’ Ivoire, and Togo. It’s comparable to the U.S state, Oregon at 92,100 square miles. Ghana, the richest country in West Africa, once used sea shells as money. Ghana geographically is on the west coast located directly between Senegal and Cameroon. Ghana’s climate is warm and humid, with changes in climate between rainy summer and dry winter. Due to rainy summers, Ghana’s geography is 1/3 rainforest and lots of savannahs. Ghana’s geography also includes forested hills and many streams and rivers. Ghana also is known to having the largest lake, Lake Volta. Lake Volta is 3,283 square miles and takes up half of Ghana’s area. Many people around the world are familiar with this counrty. Ghana sizing in at about 92,100 square miles and a size comparable to Oregon, many people don’t know the location. Ghana is located by the tip of Burkina Faso, to the right Togo, and by the bottom lies Gulf of Guinea. Ghana is nearly landlocked but the Atlantic Ocean is its coastline. Ghana is the 82nd largest country in the world, and is geographically the center of the world. To prove this the prime meridian runs through a small town in Ghana called Tema. Ghana like us has an education but it’s different from ours. In Ghana students must take seven

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