Ghan A Prosperous Country

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Imagine your country has the model economy desired for an African country. Your country has also been a free democracy since 1982, which is uncommon for your nearby countries to be. Your country has more of a free economy compared to the rest of the countries in its region. The World Bank has helped your country cut down poverty by 20% in recent years. Your country has a recently increased in urban population by 350%. This country is Ghana, leading the world with the largest hydroelectric power. For the past 20 years Ghana 's annual GDP increase has risen an average of 5.7% per year with a spike of 11%. With all this potential why wouldn 't your country be considered important? It shouldn 't, Ghana has the potential to be a very fruitful…show more content…
This shows that Ghana 's port cities and smaller metropolitan areas have become more valuable and the two most important are now Accra, and Kumasi. The process of urbanization has been the definition since 1984, due to the fact that the previous year had one of the worst recorded droughts in history. Since then a major migration has occurred towards these urban areas. These areas had a relatively fair unemployment rate until recently, when 1.5 percentage points median, and in Kumasi, the fastest growing city in Ghana, ranking second in population behind Accra. (World Bank.) Even though it has caused Ghana 's economic growth to slow, Ghana 's economy has been able to persevere through the global recession. This is through the exportation of oil. (Isser) In recent years Ghana 's industrial sector has grown consistently especially in 2011 with 36% increase. Besides oil, mining and quarrying have been quite productive by growing by over 250%. Ghana happens to be a large exporter of plastics and electronic goods, as it is home to Volto Aluminum Company (VALCO), a large distributor of electronic goods (AEO.) It is expected that Ghana has a fruitful future when discussing oil. It is "on the verge" of being a significant producer of oil. (GPJ) As mentioned previously Ghana 's economy has had a steady state of increase with 7.3% in 2013, 4.3 in 2014, 3.9 in 2015, and as of
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