Ghana And Ivory Coast Similarities

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Ghana and Ivory Coast are two of the most influential countries in Sub-Saharan African history. Both Ghana and Ivory Coast are very alike each other. The similarities between the two countries are most evident in the geographical region, ethnic groups, spiritual matters, agricultural and economical matters. The similarities between Ghana and Ivory Coast are seemingly endless. They were both neighboring countries and created in the same region, West Africa. Ghana and Ivory Coast are countries in Africa that are native to millions of people. Both borders the countries Liberia, Mali, Togo, and Burkina Faso(Ghana and Ivory Coast). Ghana and Ivory Coast bordered by the Gulf of Guinea to the South and near the coast, there are tropical forests,…show more content…
The Akan tribe is a unique group of people dominated Ghana and Ivory Coast. The Akan Tribe is the majority in both Ghana and Ivory Coast have an overall of 40,000,000 population(Akan People, Language, Religion and Culture,2016). The Akan tribe is highly argued and believed that the roots of the community are from Sahel region and the Savannah(Akan People, Language, Religion and Culture,2016). The Akan tribe is believed to be old as the Congo forest. Most of the Akan tribe speaks the Twi and Bia languages and it is one of the indigenous languages that the Akan tribe maintained without being influenced by Western society(Akan People, Language, Religion and Culture,2016). The Akan tribe is very spiritual people. The Akan tribe believes in a Supreme Creator who takes on various names depending upon worship. The highest gods known in their tribe are: Onyame, Onyankopon, Asase Yaa who are the royal ancestors are at the heart of the ritual protection of the kingdom(Religion-Akan). The Akan’s consider themselves one nation. Akan means enlightened or civilized and basically trace their descent philosophically as from one woman. The Akan culture is traditionally matrilineal cultures of Africa. The traditional Akan economic and political organization is based on matrilineal lineages which are the basis of inheritance and succession (Akan People, Language, Religion and Culture,2016). This means all the important decisions are handled by women and done with a political
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