“Ghetto Gospel” By Hugely Worshiped, King Of Rap, 2Pac

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“Ghetto Gospel” by hugely worshiped, king of rap, 2Pac was released on January 21st 2005 as a part of his album “Loyal to the game.” The song features the wonderful Elton John, and was produced by the also extremely well respected rapper by the name of Eminem. The official music video was released to YouTube on the 5th of July, 2011 and follows the last day of a man’s life highlighting the decisions that he makes.

The music video for “Ghetto Gospel” is a chronological breakdown of the day a father, a boyfriend, a son is shot down out in the streets. The video takes place in the middle of the ghetto in Los Angeles primarily around the Cross Road Church of God in Christ. “Ghetto Gospel” is broken down into seven major times
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The biggest theme would be the separation of our society, and the want for cultural unity. 2Pac points a light at not only the separations between blacks and whites (which exist even today), but also the separation between blacks and blacks which has a major effect of their own communities. Just after separation the next theme would be how the older generation has been unable to help the new generation and may have even pushed them even further down. The decisions of the older generations have been detrimental to the growth of the new generations. Within this song 2Pac leaves his hopes for a better world, hoping that the next generation can fix the world before it is to late pleading, “I hope we see the light before its ruined” (1:21). “Ghetto Gospel” brings to light two major things about the state of our society, the first fault is the separation of our society as a whole, and the second would be how the older generations are failing the new generations.

Separation has a huge negative effect on our society and prevents us from moving forward toward a greater future. The first form of separation addressed by 2Pac is the separations between black and whites, he addresses this with the lyric, “it ain’t about black and white cause we’re human” (1.20). All the way in back in 2005, 2Pac was spreading the word of unity between blacks and whites, but it seems that we have actually done the exact opposite. Things are separating us to even greater lengths and a perfect
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