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In today’s society, healthcare cost has risen and has cause detriment to the single men, women, and families in the US. The price of healthcare is now unaffordable by the categorized average and poor US citizen. Over the years, the price of premiums, co-pays, renewals, deductibles, etc has risen exponentially. The citizens of the US fear going to hospitals due to the fact that many can’t afford healthcare, don’t have insurance, or fit in both categories. This in turn means that millions of people who are in need of healthcare and treatment are not being treated for their ailments. Some ailments are so serious that if not treated, the result for that citizen is death. March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act.…show more content…
Even though this act isn’t the best law suited for tackling healthcare, it is an attempt through bipartisanship of providing healthcare to those less fortunate and who have acquired pre existing conditions.

The Affordable healthcare act seems as if its answer to the ever increasing healthcare cost in America, but even it has unrevealing complications. Yes, healthcare needs to be reformed, but with the new health care act, it will come with a price. There are several reasons why healthcare needed to be reformed. Some of the main reason why is because their no consistent pricing on healthcare procedures and test, physicians are testing too much on patients, and physicians being scared of lawsuits. There are many reasons why the cost of healthcare rises each and every year. It starts from issues such as compensation for physicians, premiums, deductibles, etc. From earlier years of advance medicine to now, hospitals has been continually using new more advance drugs, technologies, services and procedures each and every day. The cost of healthcare over time just seems to increase with the times. The more and more advance our society becomes, the more and more expensive medical care cost continues to rise. There has to be some level of consistency in order to help reduce the overall cost of healthcare to patients. Health care is still growing at more than double the
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