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Ghost Dog problems with format Ghost Dog (Forest Whitaker) is a self-taught samurai, living by an 18th century code which is written in the book ?Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai?t. Living on a rooftop within the skyline of a modern day city, with a coop of homing pigeons that he uses to communicate with Louie (John Tormey) a lower member of the local Mafia. Their strange relationship formed when Louie saved Ghost Dog as a teenager, and then in way of the samurai became his Master with Ghost Dog as the Retainer. From then on Ghost Dog has been Louie?s hitman for his special tasks, which have been executed flawless. He is ordered to execute Handsome Frank and the task is performed in front of Louise (Tricia Vessey), the daughter of…show more content…
Many of his films cover new ground in flimmaking and he is a renowned scriptwriter and director of independent film. Jim Jarmusch This film is character driven, following Ghost Dog?s lonely lifestyle, in a linear pace of time after the job, which changes the world around him and his master. A man of little speech yet great expression is shown in his friendship with the Haitian ice cream vendor Raymond (Isaach de Bankole?) who can only speak French, and neither of them can verbally understand each other but seem to be on the exact same line of thought. The film is narrated by Forest Whitaker reading from the book ?Hagakure? which segments the film into parts demonstrating the many codes that the samurai lives by; through his dedication to this book and meditation, Ghost Dog remains in control of his mind state and surrounding environment. This stands apart from the underworld of crime the film is set in. The genre of Gangster is typically the struggle of the hero type criminal against the rules of society within the American dream, rather than make the audience feel like the Mafia are good or bad it just makes a laughing stock of them, the film shows them as a bunch of old men, their time is passing, a kid in the Street taunts them, they are three months late on the rent of the head quarters and their use of violence is excessive. The task of fmding Ghost Dog and dispatching

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