Ghost Production : The Dirty Little Secret

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Dylan Echevarria
Professor Lesley Kamphaus
English 105
11 November 2014
Ghost-Production: The “Dirty Little Secret” of The Music Industry The term “ghost production” has been coined as the “dirty little secret” of the electronic dance music scene. It is promoted as an opportunity for artists who want to break into the music business to receive help from someone who knows what "sells" and can ensure a popular hit. Ghost production also allows the "ghost producers" to use the same, “recycled” formula in order to pump out these soulless songs that will be commercial hits, while making money in the process. In brief, a sound engineer writes the track for the artist, charging several thousand dollars for the service. The engineer then gives the "artist" all of the final music files he or she needs to send to the labels, with the contractual guarantee that if the song is a hit, the ghost producer will not be paid any of the royalties. That 's right: the person who pays the ghost producer gets all of the royalty money if the track ends up getting signed. However, the artist has to pay the ghost producer to make the track for him or her, so it 's risky — especially since getting a single release on a major electronic dance music label is very difficult in this modern music industry. Since the majority of the creation process is done digitally in electronic dance music production, there has been a huge increase in demand for ghost production. Some of the popular artists in…
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