Ghost Sonata Performance Review

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Performance Review on The Ghost Sonata While reading one of our assigned plays, The Ghost Sonata by August Strindberg, I found myself confused throughout most of the play, for this reason, I attended one of the performances at Tulsa Community College’s Southeast Campus in the Studio Theatre. I was present for the Friday show, October 7, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. The play was directed by, TCC’s Coordinator of Theatre Faculty Chair of Visual and Performing Arts and Assistant Professor, Mark Frank. The cast includes, Guest Actor, Jim Runyan as The Old Man, Jacob Hummel; TCC Students, Matthew Gerow as The Student, Arkenholz; Emily Surber as The Milkmaid, a ghost; Holly Cummins as The Superintendent’s Wife; Cristhian Ayala Suruco as The Superintendent;…show more content…
He decided on Syria to bring attention to the civil war that started in 2011, and still continues today. There are many similarities between The Ghost Sonata and Syria, such as, people being condemned for their sins, death everywhere, and corruption. TCC’s theatre department did an excellent job bringing The Ghost Sonata to life, and the use of present-day Syria as the setting, tied in nicely. The set was designed to look like an apartment building that had been bombed in a war torn town. The costumes that the actors wore were true to what you would see people of Syria wearing. Many of the women were dressed in the traditional Abayah, which is, a black garment that covers them from shoulders to feet. They were also wearing a head and face cover that only shows their eyes. The one costume that really stood out was The Fiancée. She wore a long white dress that had an antique look to it. Her hair was very long and white as well. Her make-up had a ghostly appearance, leaving you to wonder if the fiancée was just showing her age, or if she was in fact a ghost. There was one costume that did not make sense to me, and that was The Milkmaid, who was a ghost. She was dressed in a plain long red dress and I felt her make-up was poorly done. Her costume did not remind me
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