Ghost Stories Research Paper

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What people think: High school students and Ghost stories Chainsaw, Black Prince and Red Demon, attend MBS (“Most barbaric school”), which consists of 120% delinquents, including themselves. They were given the nicknames, due to a minor incident, in which Chainsaw and Red Demon broke the arm, back, and legs of Black Prince’s brother, resulting in a fight which lasted almost a second. This became a dreadful fight, affecting countless people, ruining the eyes of those who watched. Chainsaw and Black Prince fought hard and long until Black Prince lost the staring contest. The moment they began they knew that Chainsaw had won because Black Prince had sneezed. Red Demon is a tall boy, with short, messy, brown hair and gray eyes. He wears…show more content…
Shivering, they abruptly jumped up and grabbed each other’s hand, yelling, “Don’t tell scary stories!” Red Demon looked at them with a straight face, “Was it that scary?” Black Prince sat down and Chainsaw started to say, “Something scary that happened to me huh?” Red Demon took his hand of the window and tried to tell him, “No, we aren't telling ghost stories here.” Chainsaw clutched his fists and looked down towards his heart with a serious face. “As you already know, I am concerned about the ich on the scratch on my hand. I wasn’t getting anywhere scratching them with my hand. That’s when… I saw the tweezers my dad left lying around in the bathroom. I thought: ‘I know! I could get rid of the ich for good with this!’” Chainsaw pulled his sleeve up and showed them the how deep the scratches went (around an inch). “And this is how it went.” Black Prince turned away and Red Demon started to scream, “Ow, Ow, Ow!” Afterward, he took his hand and kept hitting it against his heart, while lecturing Chainsaw about what had happened. ”That’s a painful story, not a scary story!” He said. Chainsaw murmured to himself, “I wonder if my skin will grow
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