Ghost Story of Santa Fe Ghost Trail Essay

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Santa Fe Ghost Trail As I sat down with the narrator in his dorm on a Sunday afternoon—not the most appropriate time for ghost stories—he told me this well known ghost story from New Mexico. The storyteller is an 18-year-old male freshman majoring in international relations who is from Bethesda, Maryland. He is biracial with an American father and a Taiwanese mother. Born in California and raised in Colorado, the storyteller is a converted Christian. The teller was in the Boy Scouts, which is where this story comes from: There’s this really small highway town in New Mexico called Cimarron, and it’s small now but in the late 19th century it was a bustling crossroads for all sorts of people – gold speculators, ranchers, oilmen,…show more content…
Fortunately I didn’t, but this did happen to me: as I was closing my eyes, I started hearing these really weird popping sounds. Like, click-click-click. Over and over again – and they actually got louder! Okay, there was nothing – nothing – in the room that might have did that. No fan, no heating, no AC, no television, clock, watch, whatever! It was the most basic hotel room ever. And the clicks sounded as if something was floating above me! Like circling above me, like a swarm of bees or something. I was scared sh*tless, but I just tried to go to sleep. And never opened my eyes until the morning, when the bright sun shone in the room. Going to breakfast, I saw the bullet holes left in the ceiling by Billy the Kid and other saloon fighters, and heard the stories told by the kitchen staff about plates and silverware that would randomly fall to the ground and break, and the flickering lights, and other freaky things which I forgot. Even though the storyteller did not personally see the ghost, the story still possess many of elements that are similar to all ghost stories. First, the ghost story takes place at a place where the ghost frequently visits. Similar to other tales, rather than running around aimlessly, ghosts usually haunt one place. This “haunting” of one particular location is frequently interpreted as the ghost having unfinished business at the place. In this case, the ghost is apparently the wife of the hotel’s founder, Henri

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