Essay on Ghost Story of the New Jersey Devil

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The New Jersey Devil The Legend of the Jersey Devil is the most prominent legend that is told to citizens of New Jersey; it is mainly told to elementary school aged children. There are a variety of settings that the story has; however, the most common location that is used when retelling the tale is Leeds Point, NJ, which is in the Pine Barrens region of the state. This tale of the Jersey Devil recounts the existence of a supernatural creature that is said to have terrorized the New Jersey Pine Barrens and surrounding areas for the last 260 years. The teller of this version of the legend is a Caucasian female who is eighteen years of age and attends the University of Maryland. She comes from a middle class family and believes in the…show more content…
After a few months of being confined to the basement, the devil flapped its wings and flew out the chimney, and the Shrouds family never saw it again. People’s animals started to disappear, and they blamed the devil for it. They said that it started to kill and eat the flocks. Some people even said that the Jersey Devil would terrorize little children because it was jealous it could never be a normal child. Ever since then, the devil has been spotted in different places in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, making that same screaming noise. There exist many different types of storylines about the New Jersey Devil. Despite these discrepancies, most of the versions have the name “Leeds” involved. For example, in the version that I collected, Mrs. Shrouds lived in Leeds Point; however, in other forms of this story, the woman’s name was Mrs. Leeds. Most tales of the New Jersey Devil involve this woman who had one too many children and placed a cursed on her unborn child. This tale also ties into the study of magic since the mother of the Jersey Devil cursed her unborn child, causing it to be born as the deformed creature that it is known to be today. In some cases, as in the story described above, numerological superstition plays a roll and the devil is the thirteenth child, while other versions maintain that the child was actually the sixth or seventh to be born into the family. Another account of the origin of the
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