Ghost Whisperer: Melinda Gordon

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Everyone has their own beliefs and sometimes even experiences with ghosts, but not many have the same occurrences as those shown on television. One example of a well-known ghost series is Ghost Whisperer, an American television series that premiered during the year 2005 to 2010. It has a total of five seasons and it falls under the categories of fantasy, thriller, drama, and mystery. The television series presents Melinda Gordon, the main character, as a woman who has the “ability to see and communicate with ghosts” (Wikipedia) that are attached to the human world. In each episode, she attempts to aid the ghost that is introduced in the episode until he or she is able to ascend into the bright light. Many would simply conclude that this series…show more content…
As social creatures, we have a tendency to do various things. For instance, humans have a natural inclination of wanting to fit in or to socialize with others. This is where television series come in. Each television show has their own genre and since there is a genre, one can strike up a conversation with another individual who is interested in that genre. Since there are approximately nine million people who view Ghost Whisperer, it is quite easy to find another individual who watches or has at least heard of the show. This allows some sort of connection to form between two human beings, which eases the mind of uncomfortable small talk or having an awkward silence. Being able to speak with another individual about a familiar topic provides a similar relief as finding a familiar face in a crowd. Speaking about a known topic provides a “strong feeling of comfort” (Tyrrell) and allows an individual to “behav[e] like you do with your trusted friends” (Tyrrell). With a way to retrieve comfort from a conversation with a stranger, social anxiety is relieved. In addition, being able to connect with another individual is kind of like becoming part of a “group.” It is similar to how cliques form throughout high school. Becoming part of a group allows members of that group to “open up emotionally” (Staub 77), thus allowing a deeper relationship to form with other individuals because they…show more content…
Ghost Whisperer is not simply a well-known series just because it provides entertainment for its viewers. If this were the case, than nearly all series should be well-known. There has to be specific reasons as for why viewers are so addicted to certain series. For Ghost Whisperer, there are obscure factors of the series that will immediately capture a viewer’s attention. For instance, the series allows the viewer to guess what the ending would be and what actions the main character will take throughout the episode. In addition, the series provides emotional support for a lost loved one and support for supernatural thoughts that may frighten a viewer. It also allows a connection to form between all fans of the series, thus stimulating friendships among individuals and tying them together. Even though the attractions for this series are concealed well, they are present if one observes and ponders on the success of any television
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