Ghost are Real Essay

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Ghost are Real

Ghosts, as with any other misunderstood group or people, have been preyed upon by others without understanding. The lack of knowledge about ghosts and haunting activity has led people astray as to what they really are. What Hollywood and television portrays is very inaccurate and cannot be relied upon as truthful. They show these spirits of the dead as being evil in nature, filled with malice and harmful intent. But that this is not the case. The field of paranormal activity is amazing. It has caught the imagination of people from every walk of life. It has always interested me and has influenced me to pick this as the topic for my research. Through this research I wish to uncover the truth about the existence of ghosts.
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In a sense our essence will not change. Just as there are disagreeable people we meet in life, there will be disagreeable Spirits we will encounter. Some people believe all ghosts to be evil. This is not so. Just because a person does, not for whatever reason, go on after death does not make them evil or mean they are here to do harm.
In theory, ghosts are the remnants of what was once a human being. Someone, who at one time, had substance on this earth. They are everything that we, as living creatures, are- but without the vehicle we call the human body. They exhibit all the mental attributes that you and I have such as thought, conscience, emotions and emotional needs, morals, calculation, ego, personality and everything that makes up the human psyche.

Acknowledging the existence of ghosts or spirits leads one to ask why they are here. Here are several answers. One reason is that the spirit does not realize, or refuses to believe, that it has died. This can often be the case, but not always. If one suffers a sudden or unexpected death, in disbelief, they may not pass on to whatever destination. Denial or unawareness may be the key to someone remaining behind. They will continue to go about their daily lives as though nothing happened. There are documented cases of this instance. Take for example; a mother dies unexpectedly, obviously she'd want to be home with her family. Soon, the family begins to notice strange
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