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James Romm wrote Ghost on the Throne with the purpose to inform the reader of Alexander the Great and the empire he established, with the ensuing chaos the came after when Alexander tragically died at a young age. The book was organized somewhat chronologically, starting from opening the tombs in which Alexander was buried and how he fell ill, to the closing of the tombs and a reflection of the fall of his empire. Romm tried to answer the question of how Alexander died, providing multiple theories of how and why he died. Romm seemed to advocate the theory of poison from Alexander’s enemies, including the fact that many people wanted to see Alexander dead. Romm also explained in great detail how the empire fell; the countries wanted to…show more content…
The people were devastated and afraid that they had lost him. The two ideas are relevant to each other and support the author’s idea; that Alexander was perceived as a God to his people. However, the switch in time periods makes the book more difficult to understand than if it was explained chronologically. Romm did go into much detail about Alexander: he explained Alexander’s family history, his top advisors, his love life, his illness, and over all Alexander’s personality. Romm describes Alexander’s family history and how he came to assume the throne after his father was assassinated. Romm provided historical evidence of Alexander’s family through the opening of Alexander’s tombs and sculptures found of other members of his family. Also mentioned were Alexander’s top military advisors and closest friends, known as the “Successors.” Detail was provided that they did not try to succeed the king for the first seven years after Alexander’s death. They wanted his power, but not the throne. This supported the author’s idea of people desiring power but how they were conflicted with their respect for Alexander. Romm discussed Alexander’s marriages as well as his quest to conquer, showing a different side of Alexander. Alexander is mostly portrayed with a great work ethic, imbued with a great desire. Through his last days, however, Romm expresses more of
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