Ghosts Are The Spirits Of The Dead

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Specter, spirit, banshee, poltergeist, apparition, phantom, or spook, call them what you wish, but the general most common term for these creatures are ghosts. The word “ghost” has many connotations connected to it in the American culture. One could mean the scary or friendly fictional ghosts of Halloween or one could mean the more serious and controversial creature, the spirit of a dead person stuck in between earth and the afterlife. Even if one doesn’t believe in them, one is very likely to encounter one in the American culture, whether it is through knowing people who believe they have encountered ghosts, or through media such as movies or books. Ghosts have been entangled in our history and culture. There are so many different definitions and views on these creatures. Thus the issue of the cultural importance of ghosts in America is unresolved because of entertainment views, scientific evidence or lack of, and religious views. From a traditional stand point, ghosts are the spirits of the dead. Stephen Wagner from claims that ghosts are a common part of the human experience. In his article, “Ghosts: What Are They?”, Wagner categorizes the common views of ghosts. The first is that they are the spirits of dead people that for some reason are stuck between this world and the next, usually due to the result of a tragedy or trauma (Wagner 1). Another type of ghost is what Wagner labels residual hauntings or recordings, ghosts that appear to be mere recordings on
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