Ghosts Of The Past By Saving Ceecee Honeycutt

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Ghosts of the Past The future of one’s self is often thought of as predetermined by past actions. Yet again and again, this statement is proven to be wrong in so many regards. Everybody has a different past, good or bad, and what they make of their future often times has little to no correlation with their past. In saving Ceecee Honeycutt, we become aware of how a rocky upbringing does not indicate a bleak and hopeless future. With the help of her friends, Ceecee learns to look at life with a positive outlook and to see all the opportunities she has to enjoy the things she has. The outcome of the future depends not on the past but on the present. The part in life that shapes us as people tends not to be the challenges and hardships that people face but how they choose to go about them. For instance, when people are met with a challenge and they choose to back away from it, they are conditioning themselves to run away from the things they don’t like and therefore developing a personality trait that can be seen as cowardly. On the other hand when someone chooses to face that challenge head on they are building their character to not back down but to push on forward against the tide. Two people with the same event that happened to them in the past could turn out to be incredibly different people based on how they chose to deal with the event; such is the case with Ceecee and her dad Carl in the way they went about dealing with Ceecee’s mom. With the illness plaguing Ceecee’s

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