Ghosts and Spirits

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Unfinished Business:
Ghosts and Spirits

The average person may think of ghosts and spirits as something disguised in a white sheet with holes for eyes, a ragged figure dragging chains and moaning. In addition, something floating through the air and that can enter and exit rooms without the need to open doors. This is an example of the way ghosts and spirits are usually described in stories or depicted in movies. It has been said that ghosts and spirits are souls that cannot pass into the next world or dimension once they have died on earth. Although, truth be told that all ghosts and spirits have a purpose to be able to travel through two different worlds, life and afterlife. Ghosts and spirits proves to be a dominant symbol in the play
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It is also not uncommon to meet former family at the time of death that delivers help to the afterlife. All of these guides will normally always create a successful transition in and out of the world. Pursuing this further, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross describes that “it is important to know that every single human being, from the moment of birth until the moment when they make the transition and end this physical existence, is in the presence of guides or guardian angels that will give you aid to the transition from life after death”. Basically, the psychopomp is another way to help the spirits get through to the other side (animals, friends, former family and guardian angels). The psychopomp is a person that is born with this talent in guiding with the transitions. It is also a skill that can be leant, the primary function is not to reconnect the living with the dead, but to help the spirits cross over.

Angels. Guardian angels. Spirit guides.

Angels, Guardian angels and spirit guides are really the “good type” of ghosts, althoughthey fit more in the description of a spirit. In the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, angels are known as God’s messengers. Common Knowledge of angels also knows that they are sent by God to watch over the human race, to guard and protect from danger, as well as to give humans signs to excel in life. Statistics have shown that many people believe in angels. According to a poll of American adults “96% believe in God, 90% believe in
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