Gianna Jessen is a Survivor of Abortion

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Gianna Jessen who is now thirty-six, survived an abortion. At seventeen years old, her mother attempted to abort her using the saline procedure. Eventually, Gianna forced a birth after being in the solution for eighteen hours. She was put up for adoption after she was born and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at an early age due to the saline burning. Around the world, abortion takes place on the daily basis and the government considers this form of murder legal. This brutal act of legal murder is at an all-time high. Nearly 125,000 babies around the world are being killed each day (Real Time World Statistics, “Abortions in the World”). Most of the babies aren’t fortunate enough to survive like Gianna. Many people minimize the inhumanity of abortion because they believe the baby isn't a human being yet or the mother puts her life before the child without seeking another option. While it is believed that abortion can prevent many unwanted pregnancies, however, it can leave extreme physical and emotional trauma on the mother and sometimes father. Some research claims that during the first few weeks of a pregnancy the embryo isn’t considered a human being, but in fact, an unborn baby does have a life. Dr. Robert George claimed that embryos are distinguished from other cells by their autonomous intrinsic functioning. Consequently, human embryos are living individuals at the earliest stage of development. (George, “Why is Abortion Wrong?”) Therefore, they are considered human

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