Gianna's Death: A Narrative Fiction

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Let me tell you guys a story. A story about the day that I literally thought I was going to die. The day where everything just went all wrong. That day, I had arrived at school. “Hey Emily over here!” I look to see who called my name, it’s my friend, Gianna. Gianna and I have been friends since kindergarten. “Did you hear about the weather, there is a possibility that we might have a tornado today.” she had told me. “No I didn’t hear, are you for real?” I asked. “I think we are, that is what I heard on the news.” she told me. The bell rings and we both had gone to Advisory. “Hello kids, today there is a possibility that we might have bad weather today.” said our English teacher, Mrs. Mary. “What I tell you.” Gianna whispered, but in a grating voice. “What kind…show more content…
“Following this thing!”Gianna screamed back. The ghost figure goes through the cemetery and Gianna follows. I ran after Gianna, she was at the end of the cemetery. She stands there in fear. “Gianna? Are you okay?” I asked. No answer. Everything was silent. She stood there, then she fell on her knees. “Gianna? What’s going on?” Still silent. Then I look at what she was looking at. Everywhere she saw there was corpses. “Oh no. Gianna we have to go.” I said. Then I look behind me, there was the white figure. Gianna gets up, she looks, she screams in terror and ran. I followed her through the forest. “Cmon Emily! We have to get out of here!” screamed Gianna. “What is going on Gianna!” “I’ll tell you when we get out of here! Now hurry before that thing comes!” she yelled. I ran as fast as I can, then I tripped over a tombstone, my leg was all scratched up. “Ouch! My leg!” I yelled. Gianna runs towards me, she’s shaking, she puts my arm around her. She tries to run as fast as she can. Emily stumbles to the ground. There it was that white figure. Gianna opens the purple pen, she hopes that something good happens,` but instead of the white figure goes into the pen, I

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