Giardiasis is a Disease of Gastroenteritis and an Infection in the Small Intestine

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Giardiasis is a disease caused by protozoan Giardia Lambia and it’s causative agent is gastroenteritis which is also a severe infection in the small intestine of humans. Based on many research and readings I have come up with many reasons based on how people get this disease. In my opinion our job as a society is to try to prevent this infection by being more careful on what we are eating, drinking and whom we are having around. So it is a communicable disease.

Regarding on all those researches that I find, they have helping me understand the concepts of Giardiasis better. Those three are " Medical.News.Today" , "Health. NY.Gov”, “Wolfe Ms 1975.” Giardiasis" Jama 233. They all have the same point of view about Giardiasis its origin and what it causes. Giardiasis is not the same type with Cholera but based on what I experienced I could say they almost the same. I would like to share a little story which similar to it. There was time where in Haiti that Cholera had spread among the people. Based on their study they found the reason why people got sick. First of all by drinking water from the rivers which had contaminated with Cholera and the people didn't know nothing about it. Second of all the food they were eating such as fish which came from the same river. This disease had the same effect on them like the Giardiasis, they had diarrhea, the people were losing weight and the only way for them to replaceable those water lost was by drinking more treated water and by
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