Gibbs Reflective Analysis

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This is a reflective essay that will be focusing on my experience and feeling on how writer related with a patient who was complaining of severe pain in the surgical ward during writer posting there. Writer will be using the Gibbs (1998) reflective cycle as a guide on this essay. The Gibbs (1998) Reflective Cycle which is one of the most popular models of reflections consists of six steps such as description which describes as a matter of fact the situation and what happened during the incident. For writer in the management of the patient who was admitted and was being managed pre-operatively for intestinal obstruction.Secondly, feelings which is the description or the analysis of what writer thoughts and feeling were at the time of this incident. Thirdly, the evaluation of writer experience what was good and bad about writer experience.…show more content…
Conclusion is the sixth step and it is about what else writer could have done and what could writer not have done. The final step is the action plan. The action plan will be about what writer will do if this situation arose again or what writer will do differently bearing in mind writer experience from the steps above (Jasper 2003).Reflective practice writing is a way of expressing and explaining one's own and others stories crafting and shaping to and understanding and development and it enables practice development because the outcomes of reflection are taken back into practice, improving and developing (Bolton 2005). Reflection "is a way of learning from your direct experiences, rather than from the second-hand experiences of others" (Cottrel 2003, p6). There are several other models of reflective practice. In addition to the Gibbs (1998) models, there are the Johns' model of reflection (1995); Kolb's Learning Cycle (1984) and the Atkins and Murphy's model of reflection
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