Gibbs Reflective Cycle Gibb's Reflective Model

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This essay is based on using tools and techniques in order to critique over management and leadership skills which is necessary for growing as a healthcare practitioner. Within this entire process as a nurse practitioner I am able to identify my leadership traits along with my overall developmental needs and requirements. By using feedback and self-assessing it leads to develop a better personality. I have reflected over my style and vision of management and additionally recognised areas which can further enhances for developing an effective leadership traits.
From exercising professional approach of leading the subject, the approach of reflection is taken as a multi-factorial approach which involves various areas and aspects.
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It is developed over “Boud’s Model” from breaking down reflection into evaluation and analysis of events, while there is a strong link between learning which takes place from experience and future practice. Furthermore, with respect to additional break down, it is mainly claimed that still the model can influence over superficial reflection as it does not claim for critical reflection, thinking or critical analysis.
The model do not take under consideration any such supposition that may embrace around the experience, the need for analysing accurately at different viewpoint, it do not seem to be a clear suggestion where the overall learning might cause the change in practice, assumptions and perspective. The “reflection model of Gibbs” is a well-known model for reflective practice. This mainly contains six stages which are mentioned in below
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It was suggested by my mentor that we need to speak about this with the doctor because it will turn out to be dangerous for the patient in future. My mentor then asked the doctor to come aside, and then he asked the doctor whether or not he washed his hand before attending Mr X. the doctor was quite shocked. In response to this, the doctor said that he was busy and unintentionally he forgot to do it. Then my supervisor delivered the importance of hygiene and the doctor guaranteed that next time he will be more careful in future, before attending the

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