Giblin Physical Therapy Case Study

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1. Request for position: the supplicant must complete a position description before Giblin Physical therapy will consider hiring a new athletic trainer to provide them with athletic training services. The position description should include the needs based on the present and future program conditions. The description should also include informational sources to support their request. These sources could include outcomes data, patient load, revenue statements, and student-faculty ratios.
2. Position Request Approval: after the request has been submitted it must be confirmed by Giblin Physical Therapy Clinic’s, clinic director, Alex Wright.
3. Position Vacancy: Once the request is approved, the position vacancy notice (below), will be advertised
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Iowa City, Iowa 52246
4. Application Collection: The hiring committee, consisting of two physical therapists and two athletic trainers from Giblin Physical Therapy, will collect and organize the applications. The applications will consist of a cover letter, resume, and three professional references. The applications will be divided into three groups: unqualified applicants, qualified applicants with complete application files, and qualified applicants with incomplete files. Those with incomplete applications with be notified and must respond immediately if they wish to be considered. All applicants will be kept on file.
5. Telephone Interviews: Once the applicants have been determined, the hiring committee will perform telephone interviews. The committee will determine the questions asked to the applicant and the same questions will be used for every applicant.
6. Reference Checks: the hiring committee will check the applicants’ references once the telephone interviews are complete. This will be done via telephone and all notes from conversations will be put in the applicant’s file. Expiration dates and signatures will also be
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On-Site Interview: the final applicants will have an on-site interview at the Giblin Physical Therapy clinic. The first interview will include the applicant, hiring committee, and the head physical therapist and supervisor. The second interview will include the applicant, the high school’s athletic director, and anyone else the high school wishes to include. A tour of the clinic and potential high school will be given.

8. Recommendation and Approval for Hiring: once the on-site interviews are complete, the hiring committee and the high school will make recommendations to the head physical therapist and supervisor as to who they believe should be hired. All applicant documentation will be present when recommendations are made.
9. Offer of Contract: once a decision has been made the head physical therapist and supervisor will call the applicant and offer them the position. Contract variables will be discussed over the telephone.
10. Hiring: Once an applicant has signed the written employment contract, a letter will be sent to the other applicants thanking them for their time and
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