Gibson Guitar Case Study

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GIBSON GUITARS CASE STUDY CONTENTS 1.Summary 2 2.Plan the Negotiation 2 2.1.Music Store Overview and the existing Relation with Gibson 2 2.2.The Lead Negotiator 3 2.3.Identify and Prioritize objectives 3 3.Defining the negotiation strategy 5 3.1.The ocean approach 7 4. Conclusion 8 5.Bibliography 8 1.SUMMARY The present report intends to briefly describe a negotiation strategy in order to successfully build a global partnership between the world famous guitar manufacture – Gibson and one of the major European retailers in the business - Music Store, a company based in Cologne, Germany. The report will focus on the power of the knowledge and preparation of possible case scenarios in order to perceive successfully…show more content…
Cologne Guitar Town Sponsored by The Gibson Foundation, Guitar Town is a famous event where a town is filled with huge guitar sculptures replicas of Gibson most famous models. The event also includes special concerts, workshops, lectures and get-together with guitar legends. So far, this event only once came to Europe, was in London 2007. After the exhibition of the guitars, they enter in an auction and the money generated is given to social causes. Gibson wishes to do such a program in Cologne. The need to enter and gain customer proximity in the European market makes this an excellent choice and so, Gibson is seeking a partnership with Music Store in order to bring the event to Cologne. Also, is important to state that joining both brands in such invent is a way to Gibson generates a strategic position near a major retailer in Europe. Special Productions As previous stated, although Music Store has in its catalogue several products from Gibson, truth is, Gibson isn’t in the best sellers list. The main reason identified for that is probably the premium position that Gibson has. Their Guitars are priced above the regular and most sold guitars in the store. In order to invert this tendency, it may be possible to create a special line just for Europe and have the launching fully dedicated to Music Store for a pre-determined set of time. This way it could be price controlled, targeting an European Market that is investing less in premium

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