Gidhade by Vihay Tendulkar

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Vijay Tendulkar opines, ‘conservative sections of Maharashtrian society were stunned by the open display of illicit relations and scenes of violence that constituted the plot’.
The play begins with Rajninath long poem which ends with invocation to god. Through the long narrative we understand that twenty two years have passed during which the incidents depicted in the play took place. Rajninath remembers the time when his sister-in-law came into home with her dreams and aspirations but it was not a home as Rajninath sings:
“But it was nothing me,
Not a home, but a hole of a tree
Where vultures lived
In the shape of men
A haunted burning ground
Surrounded by evil ghosts
Was that a home?”(Pg-204)
The question was that a home?” clearly indicates that Rajninath has no home and he resides among his family members and he had to stay with his half brothers who are not more than vultures. In this play only two characters were depicted who had their human instinct left with them and they were Rajninath and Rama.
Like a vulture survives by eating other animals around it who are less powerful than them, in this play all the characters survive by eliminating each other thereby applying Charles Darwin’s theory of survival of…
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