Gift Card Weps District: Case Study

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On December 19, 2016 at about 8:30 am Mrs. Padgett made me aware of funds that had been taken out of a Gift Card WEPS District had set up the previous year through an Amazon account. Her concern was Christian Linville, an 8th grade student who attend NEMS, had used the account to purchase personal items. Mrs. Padgett stated she was going to purchase a book she wanted to use in a reading class and was going to use the funds to make this purchase. The account’s login was changed when she attempted to get into the account. Mrs. Padgett reset the password and accessed the account. Christian Linville’s name was entered into the shipping information and the purchase history showed items were purchased by Christian and shipped to his home address.…show more content…
At this time Mr. Linville was informed of what Christian had done and was asked come to the school. Mr. Linville at approximately 11:00 am Mr. Linville arrived at school. I explained to Mr. Linville about what Christian and done, then we called Christian in. Christian did say that he did make the purchases and knew what he had done. When asked how Christian go into the Amazon Gift card account so easily he stated when he was typing in letter that site came up with the log in already in. He was given the computer he said he used that day (Computer 33) and could not recreate the action that automatically logged in to the Amazon account. When I recounted to Mrs. Padgett what Christian said he had done to access the account she said it was possible but not probable. The kids were given E-Cloud reader accounts and they would not have known that this would give them access to Amazon Gift card, as I understand. I then called Montrose County Sheriff’s Department at about 12:00 noon. Deputy Sheriff Scott Sandefur arrived at the school. I gave Deputy Sandefur a verbal account of what had happened. He went back to his vehicle to look at what laws and consequences took place. Deputy Sheriff Sandefur came back into my office and spoke with Mr. Linville and myself, the Christian was
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