Gifted Course Essay

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Once a week in elementary school, I was sent to a small classroom on the other side of the building, accompanied by a handful of my peers. The first time that this happened, I panicked and thought that I was in trouble. I soon found out that instead of being disciplined, I was beginning a Gifted course. This class was specially designed for students, like me, who needed a more engaging classroom environment. We took part in reading books at a higher reading level and doing special research projects. Now, I realize that that Gifted class was the beginning of my more advanced schooling that would continue all through my academic career.
Clearly, my inclination toward more advanced learning did not stop after I left the fifth grade. While my family taught me that school was important, a majority of my learning was inspired by my desires to learn and to succeed. My high school workload has consisted almost exclusively of Honors and AP level courses. In fact, I was one of only a handful sophomores in a AP United States History course dominated primarily by upperclassmen. I have maintained above a 4.0 GPA in spite of the more rigorous workload and all of my AP scores have been 4’s and 5’s. I’m currently enrolled in four other AP courses:
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In fact, one of the reasons that I am most excited to go to college is because of the more intense and rigorous learning. In some of my high school classes, I have enjoyed learning about the subject matter, but the pace of the class was too slow for my liking. I prefer a more investigative style of schooling that allows me to be a part of a more engaging learning environment, and I know that I will find in the Honor’s program. I would also appreciate being part of the Honors Residential Learning program because I enjoy being surrounded by other studious individuals with equally academic
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