Giftedness And Giftedness

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Giftedness is when an individual is able to achieve/perform/produce at high levels a highly valued task or skill not achievable or proficient by the majority of members of the community. The skill area could be inherent or developed. This aligns with both the NAGC and Sternberg & Zhang definitions. 2. Law (concerning identification and education of students with G&T in KY) The Kentucky administrative regulations address all students identified as having exceptional educational needs including students identified with gifts and talents. KRS 157.224(1) requires that educational programs for students with gifts and talents be established and KRS 157.200(1)(n) allows for defining students with G&Ts those students demonstrate or have the potential “ability to perform at an exceptionally high level in general intellectual aptitude, specific academic aptitude, creative or divergent thinking, psychosocial or leadership skills, or in the visual or performing arts.” (704 KAR 3:285). The Kentucky Department of Education has established administrative regulations that commit LEAs in the state to providing a “comprehensive educational program” for all students that qualify for exceptional education between kindergarten through 12th grade. The KAR further requires that the LEA establish procedures for identifying students with G&Ts (which is defined in KRS 157.200, see above). Districts may use formal, informal, and “objective-based” criteria for eligibility. Furthermore, the KAR also outlines procedures for identification for primary talent pool. It is important to note that while the KAR makes note of the importance of equal access to screening and services for children from low SES, children who are identified as a minority, and children with disabilities, these children continue to be routinely underidentified. Lack of experiences, access, and disabilities may mask specific gifts and/or talents, and teachers and parents may need additional training and support in identifying those students. In Kentucky, children can be identified for G&T services students when they demonstrate or have the potential “ability to perform at an exceptionally high level” in the following categories: general intellectual aptitude: The
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