Gigabytes and Grades: Some Effects of Technology on Childhood Development and Learning

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In a world of twenty-four hour hour news, iPhones, touch screens, and laptops, it is not surprising that each year there are more and more children being exposed to, and welcomed into this technologically advanced society. It is not uncommon to see seven year olds using the newest gadgets with surprising efficiency, however, one must ask themselves what effects this new technology driven world is going to have on the younger generations? Are these kids going to become the most efficient multi-taskers to be seen, or is this boom in technological advance, and the societal pressure to be adept at even the newest technologies going to create a generation of youth who do not know how to get through the day without constant internet feeds and the connectedness to the entirety of the technological world? The effects of this increase in technological use by the younger generations of today’s society must be evaluated, and a few main areas where this change seems to have an influence include the youth’s changing sense of morality, children’s social skill development, and the use of these technological advances to provide more efficient and effective means of learning to children. These areas have all been studied rigorously in the past few years as technology has continued to advance, and work to provide insight into the effects of technology on early childhood development and learning. It is not uncommon in today’s world to notice kids with a seemingly warped sense of morality.
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