Gile Methodology

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Agile Methodology Brian Crites System Analysis and Design July 16, 2012 Summer Term B 2012 Professor David A. Ostrowski Agile Methodology is an approach to project management that for the most part is used with software development. Agile Methodology is a very important part of software development. Throughout this paper I intend to discuss what the movement toward agility means for the future of systems analysis and design (Hoffer, George, & Valacich, 2011). In the year of 2001 many proponents met in Utah and came to discuss and agree on underlying principles (Hoffer, George, & Valacich, 2011). Through this discussion they came up with the “The Agile Manifesto” (Hoffer, George, & Valacich, 2011). There is…show more content…
The last thing to discuss a focus on self-adaptive processes which means that over time software should be improved a refine and people should adapt to the way new software is compared to later versions (Lin, 2011). This makes me think of program Windows the newer version are a little bit trickier that the later version but are made to make things easier and run smoother for the consumer. In conclusion to this paper I have found that the Agile Manifesto is a great approach to use when it comes to understanding Agile and was that it can better our future. The three principals can be viewed as 1) prediction do not always come out to expectations but learn to adapt to the outcome,2) find people with the skills needed to accomplish the goal but that can also work as a team and 3) figure a way to adapt to new and refine way of things. I know that the principals that have been established are not only great tools to help build, maintain and move software but are great steps to use when really working with any type of project. References: Fowler, M. (December 13, 2005). The New Methodology. Retrieved on July 16, 2012 from: Hoffer, J. A., George, J. F., & Valacich, J. S. (2011). Modern Systems Analysis and
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