Gilgamesh Analysis

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Gilgamesh poem is extraordinary example of ancient literature. Being written in 4000BC, the poem is still actual to the modern reader. It gives insights to the very important questions about human existence. Questions that every person comes across at some point of his being. What does happen to the life when it encounters with death? The interlacement of life and death pervades the whole poem. Thus death brings grief and fear, but it also brings acute awareness of being alive and appreciation for this precious gift. In order to reach his point of higher consciousness, one often goes under series of difficult events. This is what the poem reveals: the transformation of human soul. Gilgamesh is the one whose attitude toward life has to change. He must realize and accept the fact of mankind’s mortality so he would be able to fully understand meaning of human existence. There are few very important incidents that affect the character of Gilgamesh and can help the reader to get closer to the understanding of poem’s depth. One of the key incident is the rejection of Ishtar, goddess of love. For only by rejection the most powerful force of love, Gilgamesh is being able to reach to his true self.
At the beginning of the poem, Gilgamesh is shown as a powerful ruler of Uruk. He is partly divine and therefore superior to other people. But he is so cruel and oppressive to his own citizens, so they have to ask gods for help. Gods send Enkidu, wild creature who has to confront
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