Gilgamesh Character Analysis

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Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would quite literally go to the end of the world to retrieve it? This is an attribute that perfectly describes the character of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is the main character of the ancient Uruk epic that is known as the epic of Gilgamesh. He experiences a lot of hardship and tribulations throughout the story. Some of the things are the loss of his “brother” Enkidu, which makes him want to become Immortal, the death of Humbaba This changes him in many different ways, like how he changes the way he acts from acting like a god to a noble and fair king. My goal in this paper is to show you how the events of the death of Humbaba, the death of Enkidu and his quest for his immortality…show more content…
So, they put him through pain for so many days until he finally dies. His death changes Gilgamesh so much that he realizes he not the immortal god he thinks he is. This is show in this quote from the story “Hear me, great ones of Uruk, I weep for Enkidu, my friend, Bitterly moaning like a woman mourning I weep for my brother O Enkidu, my brother, You were the axe at my side, My hand's strength, the sword in my belt, The shield before me, He realizes that he is just like us a mortal mostly human being. Which lead to him searching for the one thing he now wants most in his life, Immortality. He goes on a quest to find him leads to him finding Utnapishtim. He tells Gilgamesh about the plant at the bottom of the river that will give him what he seeks, the key to immortality. When Gilgamesh retrieves it though, a snake comes up and eats the plant becoming immortal in the process. This means that he can no longer become immortal. He then comes home and becomes the good king and lives out the rest of his life until his death. This is shown in this quote from the story” The king has laid himself down and will not rise again, The Lord of Kullab will not rise again; He overcame evil, he will not come again; Though he was strong of arm he will not rise again”

The events of the death of Humbaba, the death of Enkidu and his failed search for immortality are just a couple of the events in the story that change him and turn him into the king he was meant to be. That’s
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