Gilgamesh a Hero

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The story of Gilgamesh, the King of Uruk who is two thirds god and one third human, is a interesting and intriguing piece of literature. The story tells of Gilgameshs' strength, bravery, intelligence, looks, and loyalty making him a true model hero. It says that Gilgamesh was (pg.13), "given a perfect body and endowed with beauty and courage and his beauty surpassed all others." Throughout the story he is constantly going into battle and going on long adventures to find answers that will better his city. He is also respectful to those he meets along his journeys and asks God for strength during his battles. Gilgamesh is a religious character that posseses super human strength, bravery, selflessness, and intelligence making him a model…show more content…
Gilgamesh knows this to be true because he tells his friend Enkidu before the battle that all the glory will be theirs if they are to defeat this mighty foe. Another example of Gilgamesh's wisdom as an intelligent leader is how he looks to others that are older and more experienced for advice throughout the entire story. All the way through the story Gilgamesh looks up to his mother for counseling and advice as to what he is suppose to do in different areas of his life. A leader who is consistently seeking advice and wisdom from those who are older and more seasoned truly makes that person an intelligent leader, and that is exactly what Gilgamesh does. Gilgamesh, being a religious man, knows that he could not have accomplished the things that he did on his own. Consistently he is giving thanks to other people or to the gods for his many feats. After Gilgamesh had slain the bull from heaven he was quick to honor and give thanks to his god Shamash. "They butchered and bled the bull and then cut out it's heart to offer as a sacrifice before Shamash. Then Gilgamesh and Enkidu retreated from the altar itself and stood afar in deep respect as they did pray." (pg. 27) And even before he fights the bull Gilgamesh looks to Enkidu and says, "Be unrelenting and hope that God gives us the strength." (pg. 26) Both of these quotes demonstrate that Gilgamesh knew that he could not kill the beast Humbaba on his own, and that he respects his god and knew that

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