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Logistics Management
Logistics - 1st semester

With regard to developing and introducing new products, what lessons did Gillette learn from the Wilkinson Sword and Bic experiences?

Gillette learned that they had to think ahead and be creative to be competitive.
They learned that they have to develop their products before their competitors to be the leading company of the market and staying popular to the customers.
Russel B. Adams Jr., says in the Gillette case study text: “This is what happens to you if you're not up there keeping ahead of the market”, which shows that Gillette is aware of the problem and of course will try to fix it.
To keep up with customers demands they had to do as Bic, who made disposable
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Here we have to look at what the customer requirements are which is what Gillette needs to look at. If we look at the “house of quality”, the customers will have requirements regarding performance, like if the shaver is affordable and if it has a smart design.
Then they compare the customers requirements to the products characteristics to see if the product lives up to the requirements. Maybe one of the characteristics of the shaver would be that the new razors are better and really good for your skin but expensive. Because the customers requirement was that it had to be inexpensive, it doesn't meet customers requirements.
We can then look at synergies between some of the features and if they can be combined.
After making this analysis we know what customers requirements are and if our product lives up to them.

When we are all done talking about QFD, we will have tried to identify the specific manufacturing and service process steps needed to meet the customers requirements by taking each requirement and product specification and figure out what material is needed to produce this product and what the processes for making the product are and so on.
So it is not just about developing and being good at one thing, you have to meet the customers requirements and try to develop a product they really want to buy. An analysis like explained above can help Gillette understanding its customers.

A company like Gillette
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