Gillette Srd: Blank Cassette Essay

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Gillette Safety Razor Division: Blank Cassette Project
Sydney Jones

1. Who is the protagonist?
The protagonist in this situation is Ralph Bingham. Ralph serves as the vice president of new business development for the Gillette Safety Razor Division (SRD). As vice president – new business development it is Bingham’s job to identify new business opportunities for the division, evaluate their feasibility, and develop plans for execution. 2. What is the situation or problem he is facing?
After the removal of the toiletries division from the SRD’s jurisdiction, the division was left without the product lines that had the greatest potential for growth such as Right Guard, Foamy, and Gillette’s other toiletry division. In
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The thought at this preliminary stage is that majority saturation will happen via teen-orientated radio stations. * Will cassette accessories needed to be marketed alongside the cassettes themselves in an effort “to demonstrate to wholesales, retailers, and consumers that Gillette is serious about getting into this business?” * Will the Gillette Cassette be able to carry a higher list price due to the already established reputation of quality and lack of well-known competition in the market thus far? 4. What are the options?
I think it is clear the Gillette should brand the cassette under the already established name and make a move to organize the industry with an aggressive promotion against the consumer – playing highly on the division’s strength in the marketing of mass-distributed packaged goods. I think it would be smart to open up the distribution to all possible outlets, including supermarket chains but also upping distribution significantly with electronics and high fidelity stores. Also, focusing on the teen, adult, and entertainment target groups through being one of the first using TV advertising could be very helpful. 5. How big is the market for blank cassettes?
There is much room for growth in the market. It was thought that 75% to 80% of households would, in time, own one or more cassette recorders,

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