Gilman And Gilman 's Life

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Gilman faced so many problems in her life, but sooner or later she fought those problems and moved on in her life. Her life was very different from normal human beings. Gilman’s lifestyle was very difficult throughout in her life, from her childhood to the end of her death. When she was a child, she understood the meaning of relationships, but she could not make a strong relationship with anybody, no matter how hard she tried. The turning point of Gilman’s life was when she experienced a depression. The problem of depression changed her whole entire life. She experienced so much pain throughout her life. Life is like a roller coaster ride; sometimes it goes up and down, but when the roller coaster stops, it feels like everything is finally getting perfect. In life, memories are the most important thing and nobody can take them away. Memories could be good or bad. Gilman was born in July 03, 1860 in Hartford, CT (“Charlotte”). She committed suicide on August 17, 1935 (Stone). When she was a small girl, her father, Frederick Perkins, left his wife and family (“Charlotte”). She was raised by a single mother, Mary Westcott. Her father was a librarian and editor (Stone). At a young age, she didn’t get enough love from her father. They both were in touch with each other, but she didn’t get that love in person. Gilman was not formally educated because she had to move to different places. The good thing was she achieved her artist’s degree from Rhode Island School of Design
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