Gilman 's The Yellow Wallpaper

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Charlotte Perkins Gillman was one of America’s first prominent feminist. Gillman used her literature to speak on and bring awareness to the flaws in a mainstream, orthodox society, more specifically the role and treatment of women. Born in 1860, Gilman’s work made her a controversial figure whose literature was ahead of its time. Gilman’s unorthodox ideals were embedded in her psyche from an early age. Her father abandoned her family and left them poor and distraught. Livings isolated, impoverish, and hardly ever loved; Gilman found an escape in literature, which influenced her interests in writing. Her troubled childhood shaped her unorthodox views of a writer. Although Gilman has a plethora of works, they all speak on women’s struggles with male centric thinking and societal norms. Gilman uses her own life experiences to bring attention to the restrictive lifestyles of women in her quasi-autobiographical short story “The Yellow Wallpaper.” Gilman’s use of characters, symbols, and the narrators own insecurities and frustrations cleverly demonstrate the struggles for women during that time. Gilman uses the character of Jennie to represent the orthodox role of women and also to show the narrators own insecurities. Jennie serves as a housekeeper for the couple and a sort of the babysitter that reports to her brother John about the status of the narrator. Jennie’s representation of traditional women of that time including her contentment with domestic life. The narrator is
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