Gilphash's Challenges In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the oldest recorded stories in the world. The epic is a story about a king of the city of Uruk and his quest for the powerful and amazing immortality. Gilgamesh faces many challenges throughout his journey. This epic teaches about religion, sex, women and cultural values. Within the story you will see one mighty man evolve and grow to become a better person for himself and his city. Gilgamesh is an epic that is still looked at and reviewed today. It’s important to see how this epic still equates to things in today’s societies.
Gilgamesh, king of Uruk is the best known ancient Mesopotamian Heroes. Mesopotamia is a polytheistic society meaning the gods were attached phenomena and occurrences. The Gods in Mesopotamia are personified to the point where there believed to be responsible for things happening to certain mortals. The gods have relationships in which they choose their favorite mortals to guide and sometimes choose their least favorite mortals to destroy. Such as when Enlil chooses to destroy mankind in the Flood, and Ea saves Utnapishtim by guiding him to build a boat, this leads to Utnapishtim finding divine mortality and being the one that Gilgamesh looks to for the possibility of becoming immortal. Mesopotamians feel as though natural things such as floods are punishments from the Gods. Since the Mesopotamians believe that certain control specific parts of nature. Such as, Ishtar is the goddess of love and war; Ea, the god of

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