Gilrays Short Story

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“All the three weeks he was away, Gilray kept pestering me with letters about his chrysanthemum. He seemed to have no faith in me--a detestable thing in a man who calls himself your friend.” is such an ironic sentence. As a friend, Gilray should have the trust as to not irk his friend about his one flower out of the gazillion he could buy at the store. It was like him caring about a single hair out of an entire head of hair. It is as if that chrysanthemum is a priceless gold masterpiece; in reality, it is only a flower of no real worth. For example, Gilray was very protective about his flower, and the only thing that mattered to him was that flower as shown in his comment, “He sent many postcards. One of them said, "What about chrysanthemum?--reply
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