Gina's Life-Changing Experience In Courting A Monk

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Courting A Monk tells the story of Gina, a young Korean girl and her life-changing experience in college. Gina’s life before college was unpleasant her father was a stern man as she says, “Words were not my father’s medium. He limited himself to the imperative mood, the realm of injunction and commands; kinds of statements that required no answer, that left no opening for discussion or rejoinder” (1054). Throughout the story the reader can see it was family that had a great effect on her life. College for Gina was a way to escape her family and finally be free from a strict environment. In College Gina met the love of her life named Micah who happened to be a monk. Gina’s father didn’t approve of this since she was Korean and he was Caucasian.…show more content…
Micha was more focused on being a spiritual person instead of giving into the temptations that were presented to him by Gina. This made Gina have to really try to get his attention, I believe this is one of the main reasons why she was so interred in him. Since Micha wouldn’t sleep with Gina unlike the other American’s at the college. I feel her anticipation was getting to her. Gina talks about how she took advantage of the American boys and how they didn’t take advantage of her. I feel Gina was trying to fill a void in her life since her father didn’t seem very loving. She found the answer with Micha the longer they waited to sleep together the stronger their love became. Let’s take a look at Micah’s struggle. Throughout the story Micah was presented with many temptations from Gina. Micah’s was trying to stay strong to his beliefs, but eventually he broke. At the end of the story were Micah’s makes it seem he was crazy to ever consider becoming a monk that what he told his children. It makes me wonder if he regrets his actions with
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