Ginger As A Known As Ginger Essay

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Zingiber Officinale, generally known as Ginger, is a species that belongs to the family Zingiberaceae. Ginger originated from the Middle English term gingivere, which originated from the Sanskrit word srynaveram, or “horned root”. Ginger is one of the most overlooked herbs as the constant consumption and usages go unnoticed, but this essay will uncover cultural uses of ginger in the past and ginger’s structure. The most prominent discovery about ginger is the medicinal usages that ginger can provide. These medicinal usages include increasing immune system, treating diabetic myocardiopathy and serving as a component for anti-tumor medication.

Having an extensive history dating back to 200 B.C, ginger originated in multiple countries of Asia and Europe before being brought to the Americas and Africa by conquistadors and explorers. Economically, China could scale an individual’s wealth by the amount of acres used to grow and harvest ginger. In the Middle East, ginger was so valued that one pound of ginger equaled to one sheep (http://www.herbal). Throughout history, ginger was also documented for its medicinal usages. The traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Indian systems described ginger as a gift from spiritual beings. The Chinese would use ginger in tea to delay menstruation and would eat ginger fresh to avoid scurvy, a disease that is caused by a lack of vitamin C. Throughout time, ginger has been valued as a herb that can stimulate sexual desire and has been documented

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