Ginger and Vinegar as Organic Insecticide

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Ginger ( ZingiberOfficinalis) and Vinegar as Organic Insecticide

Ginger ( ZingiberOfficinalis) and Vinegar as Organic Insecticide

An Investigatory Project presented to the faculty and staff of the Basic Education Department of Diaz College City of Tanjay In partial fulfilment of the subjects: Physics IV, Math IV and English IV RESEARCHERS Yves Deodato L. Rodriguez GianneJastine A. Gustilo Mike Nazarene G. Cueco Mark Raynon R. Benitez Kristine Mae Y. Guanzon Angelica M. Repollo Marvin V. Torres Luke O. Mirasol School Year: 2012-2013

We dedicate this Investigatory Project to our community andour environment to help lessen the problem of pollution. Wealso dedicate this project to our parents because they are thereason why we
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Statement of the Problem
Which of the trials are most effective on insects?
What will happen to the insects because of theinsecticide?
What will happen to the plants if it is used on them?
Is it safe on plants?
What kind of insects will it kill?

The first trial is the most effective among the 4 trials.
The insects will be killed.
3.The plants will not get damaged and it will be insect-free.
It can kill ants, flies, mosquitos, snails and cockroaches.

To produce insecticide out of vinegar and ginger is ourobjective. In order to create natural mixture this can killinsects. Because it is natural, it cannot harm ourenvironment unlike other insect killers which can alsoharm our environment.

Significance of the study
The researchers have made this organic insect killerout of ginger and vinegar to create an environmentfriendly substance. Since, our environment is at stakebecause of pollutions. One of these pollutions is on air. Ifyouhaven’t noticed our planet is deteriorating because ofthis. And one of the causes of air pollutions is theinsecticides and pesticides which have harmful chemicals.We all know that most of the insecticides and pesticidesused today contain those harmful chemicals. To lessen theproblem of air pollution, the researchers have made thisorganic insecticide.

Review Related Literature
Our product is all organic and since it is safe to use

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