Gintong Putik (Reaction Paper)

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I. Gintong Putik
Documentary by Kara David which focused on the compressor mining of the Dasco family. II. With a previous tape of Brigada Siete and optimism, Kara David sets out to find Jimmy Dasco, a young boy she met 13 years ago in the gold-rich third-class municipality of Paracale, Camarines Norte. In the said show, Jimmy was a part of a group of people excavating in the middle of a rice field. Their goal is to find gold in the operation called pagkakabod or compressor mining. It was the livelihood of most of the locals of Paracale. Usually, pagkakabod was a family work, which needs all the family members’ cooperation. After over a decade, the fate of the used to be a little boy that time doesn’t change, he’s still into the
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He then displays the instruments used in a typical abortion and calmly demonstrates how each instrument is introduced into a woman’s body during an abortion and points out that the head, even at 12 weeks' gestation, will be too large to enter the suction device and shows how forceps are used to crush the skull, where brain waves have been active for six weeks. Then, he goes on to narrate that the fetus is unprepared for the invasion of the womb and attempts to escape the cannula, describing it as a "child being torn apart ... by the unfeeling steel instruments of the abortionist." He notes how the fetus' heartbeat speeds up and how it seems to open its mouth in a "chilling silent scream.” The film culminates in the now-famous "silent scream" which is accompanied with shrill musical accompaniment. Before the film come to a stop, Nathanson concludes the film by discussing the implications behind hiding this material from women. He believes the film is necessary in keeping women informed on matters concerning abortion. This was the first time the images of an aborted fetus were given an electronic platform, as opposed to the printed form of the imagery used in prior years. The film depicts the abortion process via ultrasound and shows an abortion taking place in the uterus. During the abortion process, the fetus is described as appearing to make outcries of pain and discomfort. The video has been a popular tool used by the pro-life campaign in arguing against

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