Giordano Case

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Giordano: International Expansion Case Analysis Date submitted: Aug.9, 2010 Submitted by; 1.) How would you describe and evaluate Giordano’s product, business and corporate strategies? Corporate strategy: * Flat organizational structure * Concentrated on retailing Business strategy * Cost leadership * Niche * differentiation Product strategy: * Value for money product. * Excellent services. * Focused on core items. * Customer oriented. * Giordano is effective when it comes to their product, business and corporate strategies. Their product strategy: the value for money, focused on core items and excellent services. Their success is because of…show more content…
All of this made the company achieve a distinct position in the competitive markets. It is sustainable but should also be subject for more improvement. Effort must be continuously made to obtain and utilize feedback, they should attract and retain good staff and continue to invest in strengthening its brand through heavy advertising and excellent customer service. 4). Could Giordano transfer its key success factors to new markets as it expanded in both Asia and other parts of the world? The Giordano Company’s main competitive strengths can be transferred to other market. Examples of it are the experience of the employees, inventory controlled system, HRM practices but the policies should be different for each country. However, IT strategy which is currently used by Giordano, should not adopted the same for other countries. The IT infrastructure for each country may not be the same and the current IT strategy of Giordano may not be supported by that particular country’s technological structure. Also, the marketing mix strategies that are followed by the Giordano for the existing
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