Giordano Case Study

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Giordano : International Expansion Presented by :  # 1 Describe and evaluate Giordano’s product, business, and corporate strategies. Giordano Storefront  Product Strategies : Value for money product.  Excellent services.  Focused on core items.  Customer oriented.   Corporate Strategies : Did vertical integration.  Asian currency crises.  Concentrated on retailing.   Business Strategies : Differentiation.  Cost leadership  Nich   # 2 Describe and evaluate Gioranado’s current positioning strategy. Should Gioranado reposition itself against its competitors in its current and new markets, and should it have different positioning strategies for different markets? GIORDANO’S KEY…show more content…
Giordano’s models TRANSFERABILITY OF GIORDANO’S KEY SUCCESS FACTORS TO NEW COUNTRY MARKETS Giordano’s Key Success Factors Design :  Fast and Markets Driven New Products Development  Fast turnaround from market impulse, design, manufacturing to distribution to the shops Transferability to new Country Markets  Likely  Flat Structure  Good communication  Use of IT  Listening to customers and observing trends Action required to allow successful transfer of KSF  Increasing knowledge base of customer preferences, local and international fashion trends  Constant upgrading of IT systems to improve organizations coordination and communication in real time and across geographical boundaries  Good design staff is needed for each distinct markets Giordano’s Key Success Factors Transferability to new Country Markets Action required to allow successful transfer of KSF Operation, Logistics and IT :  Excellent Management of systems and integration of activities  Likely  Upgrading and  Inventory management adapting systems to and logistics distribution the specific market increases in complexity. context e.g. using web  However,

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